It all started for me in 1982, I was 10 years old at the time when I first heard a song on the radio that would change the course of my life as I knew it. That song was called “Planet Rock” and it was by Afrika Bambatta and the Soul Sonic Force. That was my first real experience with this new and exciting form of music called “HipHop”. I have always been into music as a child and even at the young age of 10 I already had a very small collection of soul funk rock and disco records that my parents either gave me or bought for me. Over the next few years from 1983 to 1985 the HipHop scene exploded. I was using my little allowance and birthday money I got to buy as many rap records as I could. No more spending my money on comic books, hot wheels, and action figures; it was all about the records!! By 1986 I decided to become a HipHop dj. I practiced in my bedroom with one Fisher turntable and one MCS turntable (both belt drive). Back then all I wanted to do was learn how to scratch, I use to practice for hours on end and got to be pretty decent with the old school style of scratching..

Some of my influences back then were Jazzy Jeff, Jam Master Jay, Cash Money, Egyptian Lover, Mr. Mixx, Eric B, Grandmaster Flash, and many others. By 1988 I did my very first gig, it was a small house party and for the next two years that’s pretty much all I did was small backyard parties. After graduating high school in 1990 I found myself really getting into the competition side of turntableism and started entering small local dj battles. I did that for several years but just like the small house parties I’ve been doing I still wasn’t making any money with my dj skills. Along with the battles I also made a little mix tapes and started experimenting with making beats. The mix tapes were actual cassette tapes where I did NO talking and a lot of scratching. Today’s HipHop djs don’t really make what I consider real mix tapes, all they do is to put together a bunch of unknown rappers with underground songs mix em’ all together and talk and yell over the whole damn thing!!!

In March of 1995 I entered another battle where I met DJ Duggie D. I was really impressed with his skills, we hooked up and started doing gigs together every weekend. Then that same year I started my own professional mobile dj service called “Big Boss Productions” I also met my homeboy Worthy Quotes that year through Duggie D along with a lot of other cool HipHop heads here in Fresno, CA. it was around that time when I really started getting known and making a little money as a dj. Getting deeper and deeper in the HipHop scene I stayed really busy with the gigs and that allowed me to open up other doors in my career. Around 2000 after completely being disgusted with where HipHop was going and personally felt that the true elements of HipHop music were being lost, I decided to do something about it. I knew that from being a HipHop music dj for many years that it was up to me and others like myself to make a change. Around 2000-03 Worthy Quotes (AKA DubQue) and myself started our group and making our own music focusing on originality laced with old school HipHop traditions never following trends but rather nurturing our unique sound while consistently growing as artists. As of today I still dj and make music and you can also check out our first cd called “The Book of Quotes vol-1” by DJ Fingers Flores & Worthy Quotes. Be on the lookout for other cds in the near future as I am currently working with other producers mc’s and HipHop groups, thanks for checkin’ me out…


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